In the 90’s, the FIRE SAFE® division, as part of the FESS Group, began to market safety-related products for shipbuilding and building technology under the name of “Schulte Strathaus”. This fire safety and sealing technology business division established itself in Germany not only as a supplier of top-quality safety products, but also as an engineer partner for engineering departments of shipyards, architecture firms and engineering companies. The business division FIRE SAFE® is therefore a supplier and partner for individual solutions, even in the most demanding applications in the areas of shipbuilding, offshore and building technology.

Our definition of safety is to take on this responsibility daily and to put our know-how together with excellent products within striking distance of our customers. Every day thousands of people are protected because our customers rightfully trust the safety of our cable- and pipe-penetration systems.

Schulte Strathaus GmbH & Co. KG